Showcase 2023

175 students from both the NCSSM Durham and NCSSM Online program (plus 2 students from NCSSM's sister school, the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts) participated in the 2023 NCSSM Summer Research & Innovation Program (SRIP). Watch them present the projects they worked on this summer using the links below!


Many thanks to our exceptional cooperating institutions, Columbia University, Duke University, North Carolina State University, Optibrium, Purdue University, RTI International, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for enriching the experiences of our students. 

To all our Mentors that volunteered their time and expertise to help our students experience applied research and development, our deepest appreciation and gratitude for your kindness and generosity. 

Thanks to Dr. Todd Roberts, Dr. Katie O’Connor, Dr. Sarah Shoemaker, and the Academic Program Deans (Dr. Beth Bumgardner, Dean Taylor Gibson, Dr. Joe LoBuglio, Dean Elizabeth Moose, Dr. Amy Sheck) and the NCSSM Foundation for their vision, support and dedication in making this program possible. 

Many thanks as well, to our Research and Innovation Instructors: Dr. Tim Anglin, Dr. David Cantrell, Dr. Michael Falvo, Mr. Bob Gotwals, Ms. Letitia Hubbard, Mr. Chad Keister, Dr. Michael Lavigne, Dr. Todd Lee, Dr. Heather Mallory, Dr. Tatiana McInnis, Dr. Josh Fuchs, Ms. Emily Churchman, Ms. Ashleigh Rawls, Ms. Zoe Loh, Dr. Brenda Kapingidza, Dr. Ashlyn Rickard, and the NCSSM support staff: Ms. Mary Slawter, Ms. Kate Axelrod, Mr. Matt Boerner, Ms. Deann Cooke, Ms. Lisa Palmisano, Ms. Michelle Rutowski, and Ms. Taylor Nguyen.

A special thanks to the Program and Teaching Assistants, including Cate DeVane, Joey Talerico, Kendal Win, Rakeem Yakubu, Esha Shah, Kamisi Adentunji, Elias North, Grace Otos, Sam Scarborough, and Carter Schrag, and to all of the other amazing and dedicated people who participated in making this summer program a success!

Special thanks to the support and funding provided by NCSSM Foundation, Burroughs Wellcome Fund and GlaxoSmithKline.