SRIP & Mentorship Application Instructions

The deadline to apply for the Summer Research & Innovation Program is Monday, November 6, 2023 at 11:59 PM (midnight).
Applications for Summer 2024 is now open!

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Application Tips

Application Instructions

Resources for Application Questions 

Resume Guidelines (1 page maximum, PDF format)

Resume Support & Resources

Resume Instructions
Resume Instructions for the Application for SRIP/Mentorship (Class of 2024)

Common Essay Guidelines (2 essays)

COMMON ESSAY #1: Explain your reasons (the primary reason) for wanting to participate in the overall SRIP/Mentorship Program for 2024.

COMMON ESSAY #2:  Create a bulleted list with the title of any additional opportunities that you would be interested in participating in if you could rank more than 4 opportunities.  List in order of your preference. And leave this prompt blank if you are not interested in any additional opportunities. NOTE: This Common Essay #2 response will only be utilized if you are not accepted to an opportunity. If left blank, it is assumed that you do not wish to be considered for any additional SRIP/Mentorship opportunities outside of those you applied for.

Common Support & Resources 

Specific Essays (500 words or less)

Specific Essays Support & Resources

Durham Opportunity-Specific Essays
Opportunities Catalog for Durham-hosted SRIP/Mentorship Programs (Class of 2025)
Morganton Opportunity-Specific Essays
Specific Essays: SRIP/Mentorship Morganton '24