The Fifth World

Reach out to David Cantrell (, NCSSM Instructor of Humanities, to learn more about Research in the Humanities and the Fifth World

About The Fifth World

A journal of interdisciplinary studies, Fifth World is the work of an editorial collective formed by students from Research in Humanities. The journal takes its name from the Hopi imagination of historical rebirth through the artful intermingling of traditional knowledges with new technologies, under conditions of enduring duress. A testimony to rigorous scholarship and a passionate concern for justice, Fifth World also attests to the emergence of a new generation of writers, artists, and scientists deeply committed to the knowledge necessary to new worlds.

Students that participate in the Research in the Humanities program will transform their research into articles for scholarly publication, including Fifth World. They will serve on the editorial board for Fifth World, evaluating submissions, offering suggestions for revisions, and ensuring the timely delivery of the completed journal to the publisher.

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