Research Communication

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About Research Communication

The culmination of the NCSSM research and innovation experience and the development of confidence and skills as a leader and engaged citizen is demonstrated through the communication of the discoveries and growth as it relates to the impact on people in the society and the world.

NCSSM students have a wealth of opportunities to present their research and innovation at conferences, competitions, and symposiums each year such as NC Science and Engineering Fair, Regeneron, and NCSSM-wide symposiums.

Durham Summer R&I Program Showcase

Durham SRIP students showcase discoveries from their projects through a video presentation and written abstract.

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Morganton Summer R&I Program Showcase

Morganton SRIP students present their work from the summer in-person at the Morganton SRIP Symposium.

Competitions & Conferences

Share research & innovation projects with the general public and professionals in the field

Funding Projects

Apply for funding to support studnt research, innovation, and design projects and travel for research communication

Broad Street Scientific

Showcasing some of the most interesting and complex math- and science-centered research projects explored by students at NCSSM 

The Fifth World

NCSSM's student-written and student-published humanities research journal featuring works from endless subjects of human interest