NCSSM Durham

Current Mentors

Program Contact and Information

Mentors should contact the Director of Mentorship and Research, Sarah Shoemaker (, 919-306-0449) at any time with any concerns or questions about any aspect of the program.  It is our top priority to ensure that this partnership is as rewarding for the mentors as it is for our students!  

WHO we are:

Dr. Sarah Shoemaker Director (primary contact)       Cell: 919-306-0449

Mrs. Mary Slawter Coordinator

Dr. Letitia Hubbard Lead Instructor 

Dr. Josh Fuchs Lead Instructor

Ms. Emily Churchman Instructional Assistant/Research Coach

Dr. Brenda Kapingidza Instructional Assistant/Research Coach

Dr. Zoe Loh Instructional Assistant/Research Coach

Dr. Ashlyn Rickard Instructional Assistant/Research Coach

Mr. Bobby Warren Instructional Assistant/Research Coach

Taylor Nguyen Data Management Specialist

Esha Shah Program Assistant

Kendal Win Program Assistant

Nicky Liu Senior Leader

Arnav Meduri Senior Leader

Jane Shin Senior Leader

WHO we serve:

Support for the Mentorship Program is provided by:

Program Timelines

Mentorship 1 (M1) -

June 11 - July 19 

(with a break from July 1-5)

Summer 2024 NCSSM Mentorship Schedule 

Students work 40 hours per weekWeekdays 8:00am to 4:00pm

Mentorship 2 (M2) -
Academic Year 

August 27 - March 28

(with a break from December - January) 

Academic Year 2024-2025 NCSSM Mentorship Schedule 

Students work 6 hours per weekTuesday/Thursdays (1:00-4:00PM)

Mentorship 3 (M3) -

June 11 - July 19 & August 27 - March 28

(with a break from July 1-5, December - January)

Summer 2024 NCSSM Mentorship Schedule 

Academic Year 2024-2025 NCSSM Mentorship Schedule

Summer 2024 (M1) and Academic Year 2024-2025 (M2) timelines combined

Requirements for Mentor Participation

It is strongly recommended to have more than one mentor with compliance as a back-up mentor in case the primary mentor is unavailable

To be successful in the Mentorship Program and the course assignments, students will need an active role in a research project

Instructions for Virtual Meetings

All mentor meetings via video conference with NCSSM students must be accessible for observation by NCSSM staff by drop in which requires everyone’s collaboration.

Mentors  are required to:

Students are required to:

Note: all of our staff have signed confidentiality agreements at NCSSM that any mentor information we come to know must remain confidential.  We are only joining the meeting to observe safety and will not be paying attention to content details in any way.  Staff include Mentorship team employees: Sarah Shoemaker, Mary Slawter, Taylor Nguyen, Esha Shah, Cate DeVane, Joey Talerico, Kendal Win, Rakeem Yakubu, Josh Fuchs

Contacts for Youth Protection Representatives for Partnering Institutions