Research & Innovation

Information about Class of 2025 Research & Innovation is available for Durham and Morganton residential and Online students.
See below to learn more!

About NCSSM Research & Innovation

NCSSM students have a wealth of opportunities and options for research and innovation. The objective is to engage each student as a thinker, maker, doer in an experience that requires the application of knowledge and skills to address challenges in the world beyond the classroom.  


The model for research and innovation at NCSSM is unique with student experiences designed to:

The possibilities to engage in research and innovation abound in any field of interest from STEM to humanities, and the range of opportunities continues to expand in research, entrepreneurship and design. Opportunities take place in a variety of timelines and formats and do not typically require previous experience.  Students are asked to bring their creative capacity, their self-reliance and self-awareness, and their dedicated work ethic, and their desire to develop as a leader by building skills and confidence through practice and application within the safety and support of the NCSSM community.

NCSSM Foundation, NCSSM state, and Burroughs Wellcome Fund among many others support these opportunities for the students to monopolize upon the treasure of time within a course or during the summer and the wealth of guidance and inspiration provided by the instructors and volunteer mentors around the state.

Learn About Different NCSSM Research Opportunities

Summer R&I Program

SRIP features a wide variety of instructor-led programs hosted on NCSSM-Durham and NCSSM-Morganton campuses
each summer

Mentorship Program

Mentorship engages students in projects under the guidance of a professional partner at local research universities, companies, and nonprofit agencies 

Departmental Programs

Departments invite students to participate in student-driven research, entrepreneurship, or design project led by the expertise of an NCSSM faculty


Courses offer an opportunity for students to register for shorter-duration, academic year/J-Term opportunities to gain experience

Apply to the Summer Research & Innovation (SRIP) and Mentorship Programs! 

Options available for NCSSM Durham and Morganton residential and Online students!

The NCSSM Summer Research & Innovation Program and Mentorship Program share an application that allows students to apply to a maximum of 4 of any of the SRIP/Mentorship opportunities offered at Durham and Morganton.

Durham-Hosted SRIP/Mentorship Fair

Attend virtual drop-in interest meetings on Zoom to chat with instructors and past/currents students about their opportunities! 

Wednesday, October 18, 2023 (4:00 - 5:00 PM)

Morganton Research, Innovation & Design Fair

Attend this in-person event at NCSSM Morganton at the Academic Commons to chat with instructors and past/currents students about their opportunities! More details coming soon.

 Saturday, October 21, 2023 (3:00 - 4:30 PM)

Programs Available for Mentorship Program for the Class of 2025 

Durham Mentorship  * Students apply to a program timeline and will be individually paired with mentors from the Triangle through a student-led mentor search process after program admittance
Morganton Mentorship  * Students choose and apply to specific program mentors of interest from Western North Carolina within each program timeline  

Programs Available for the Summer Research & Innovation Program 2025

Durham-hosted SRIP 
Morganton-hosted SRIP 
(In Draft) Announcing SRIP/Mentorship 2024 Presentation_Class of 2025

Link to Webinar Recording

Durham Opportunity Catalog
In Process: Opportunities Catalog for Durham-hosted SRIP/Mentorship Programs (Class of 2025)
Morganton Opportunity Catalog
NCSSM-Morganton Mentorship & SRIP Opportunity Catalog 2024-2025.pdf

Explore Your Interests as a Durham Student (Class of 2025)

Durham R&I Junior Meeting

Copy of (Durham) Research & Innovation Presentation 2023-2024

Durham Research & Innovation Fair

Wednesday, September 21 at 4:00-5:00 PM in the PEC!

Connect with the Research and Innovation Instructors, talk to students, and learn more about the features, timelines, and/or applications of each program!

Explore Your Interests as a Morganton Student (Class of 2025)

Morganton R&I Junior Meeting

Required Junior Meeting NCSSM-Morganton Fall 2022

Morganton Research in Science and Math Fair

Wednesday, September 20 at 4:10-5:30 PM at the Academic Commmons Stairs!

Learn about Research in Science and Math at NCSSM Morganton. The fair includes a 30-minute required overview (4:10-4:40 PM) followed by an optional table breakout session for the remaining time (4:45-5:30 PM).


Morganton Research, Innovation & Design Fair

Thursday, September 21 at 3:00-5:00 PM in the Academic Commons Lower Level!

Join our Mentor partners and Research, Innovation & Design Faculty as they host information booths at our annual Fair. Ask questions, put faces to names, and make strong first impressions for those opportunities you are most excited about applying for.


To learn more about departmental programs at Morganton, visit the departmental programs pages!

Explore Your Interests as an Online Student (Class of 2025)

NCSSM Online Research & Innovation Presentation 2023-2024

Webinar Recording will be shared post-event

Mentorship Program

The Summer (M1) timeline for the Mentorship Program is open for online student participation! M1 Mentorship students stay on campus at Durham or Morganton for 5-7 weeks of full time work with a professional partner.


Specific courses that are offered to online students include a component of research and/or innovation to provide an opportunity to gain experience. Enroll to participate during the
upcoming semester!

Summer R&I Program

The Summer Research & Innovation program offers a variety of diverse opportunities. SRIP students stay on campus at Durham or Morganton for the duration of the program and work directly with NCSSM faculty.

Summer Ventures

Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics is a no-cost, state-funded program. Students will have the opportunity to engage in research with faculty and get
hands-on experience
at a university