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*with special permission, residential students may be permitted to take a NCSSM Online course.

Semester 1

CH3085 Honors Nanotechnology & Research This course provides an introduction to topics in nanoscience and nanotechnology. Students will be introduced to common visualization and fabrication techniques in nanotechnology and will explore the scientific principles necessary for understanding the functionality of nanoscale material. Students will explore topics such as nanofibers, optical LED lights, metallic organic frameworks (MOFs), artificial intelligence (AI) and other topics that are currently at the cutting edge of science! This is also a research course, so students will read scientific literature and write multiple reports (2-3) using the LaTeX publication typesetting language.

HU4000 Honors Entrepreneurship Bring the themes and principles of entrepreneurship to life by building a business around an innovative product. As a culminating event, students will showcase their innovations during an entrepreneurial fair on campus.

(Not available 2020-2021) MR4104 Engage to Impact (Requires completion of a research or professional experience at NCSSM or through Summer Ventures; or permission of the instructor if student completed an experience with another organization)

The Engage To Impact course provides students the opportunity to further develop professional skills to communicate their findings and the impact of an experience where the student has engaged as a maker/thinker/doer to address challenges in the world beyond the classroom. Ultimately in this course, students will present their findings or progress via a paper, poster, and/or oral presentation. This course further builds the technical communication skills to discuss students' findings from a previous research or professional experience accurately and clearly, but also provides time to further investigate appropriate background and context in the literature necessary to present. The course prepares students to present at conferences or events such as NC Science and Engineering Fair, Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, State of North Carolina Undergraduate Creativity and Research Symposium, and similar events.

Semester 2

CH3900 Honors Research Experience in Chemistry This introductory course is for students who want to pursue a research opportunity in chemistry. No previous chemistry coursework is required. Students will reflect on their prior observations and learn how to read the primary scientific literature; learn how to select a research question and propose a hypothesis; learn experimental design and finally they will conduct experiments and analyze and present their data. Throughout the entire term, students learn scientific writing in the form of literature review, grant proposal, progress report, and research paper. Students also exercise aspects of scientific communication through individual study, group discussion, and lecture presentation. Students are encouraged to present their work at the NCSSM Research Symposium and/or other state and national competitions.

IE3900 Honors Research Experience in Computational Science Research Experience courses provide research skills development and the opportunity to complete a research project in the subject areas indicated. There are no prerequisites and these single-semester courses are available to juniors or seniors. Some students, upon completion of the course, may elect to be considered for other research opportunities at NCSSM, although it is not required.

(by application) MR3080 Mentorship: Foundations in Research (Junior Year Course) Pre-requisite is acceptance to Mentorship 1 (Summer). Course is required for students accepted into Mentorship 1 to prepare students to engage in their Mentorship experience with an off-campus mentor in the upcoming summer. This course equips students with research skills to be a proactive participant in an ongoing or independent research and the personal success skills necessary for the social and communication dynamics in a professional environment.