Online Student Opportunities

NCSSM offers students a wide variety of real world learning experiences to engage as a thinker/maker/doer both in and out of the virtual classroom,

including opportunities in research, entrepreneurship, leadership, and much more.

Information coming soon to apply for the Mentorship and Summer Research & Innovation Programs.

Research and Innovation Opportunities

Register/apply to participate in opportunities through NCSSM and statewide.

There are a variety of courses that incorporate research elements or are research focused that Online students are encouraged to take. Different courses are offered during each semesters, so students can plan their schedules accordingly.

*Residential students may be given special permission to add these classes to their schedules, though priority is given to online students.

Contact Departmental Deans and Directors

  • Dean Taylor Gibson, Mathematics |

  • Dean Joe LoBuglio, Engineering and Computer Science |

  • Dean Elizabeth Moose, Humanities |

  • Dean Amy Sheck, Science |

  • Dr. Shoemaker, Mentorship and Research |

Rising seniors are encouraged to partake in Mentorship 1, where students are matched with an off-campus mentor to conduct research for 5 weeks in the summer. Students can immerse themselves working with a researcher in dozens (to hundreds!) of areas of study. Students complete a preparatory Explorations in Mentorship course in the spring semester. During the summer, students live at NCSSM and are transported to opportunities at universities and businesses in the Triangle. As part of the Summer Research & Innovation Program, students will interact with fellow Online students as well as Residential students, with a concluding Summer Research & Innovation Symposium at the end of the 5 week program.

Dr. Sarah Shoemaker, Director of Mentorship and Research

Dr. Josh Fuchs and Dr. Letitia Hubbard, Lead Instructors of Mentorship and Research

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Work with NCSSM faculty on-campus or with volunteer mentors off-campus for full days over 1-5 weeks of the summer while living at NCSSM at no cost. Students can expect to engage in independent or ongoing projects that develop both personal and professional skills that will have a long lasting impact on their paths to become leaders and engaged citizens. When not participating in their program, students can partake in a variety of planned activities and interact with students from various programs.

Dr. Sarah Shoemaker, Director of Mentorship and Research and Departmental Deans

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NCSSM administered program which provides a no-cost four week summer research experience in science and mathematics at a UNC system campus (ASU, UNCC, ECU, UNCW) that includes housing/meals. NCSSM Online students are eligible to apply to Summer Ventures--as well as other rising juniors/seniors that are residents of North Carolina.

Dr. Lori Tyler, Director of Summer Ventures

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The NCSSM Rocketry team has two main branches, The American Rocketry Challenge (TARC) and HIgh-Powered Rocketry (HPR) Team. In 2020-2021, NCSSM is sponsoring five teams in the American Rocketry Challenge, the world’s largest rocket contest with nearly 5,000 students nationwide competing each year. The contest gives middle and high school students the opportunity to design, build and launch model rockets and hands-on experience solving engineering problems. The High-Powered Rocketry team is working on an independent research project designed and constructed by the students themselves.

Outreach is incredibly important to NCSSM Rocketry, as they work with Astronomy Days at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and attend the associated launch event. They have also supported a faculty member and students in NCSSM's Distance Education program by encouraging the formation of TARC teams that would receive technical and other assistance from our program. To learn more about rocketry at NCSSM, visit the website at

Dr. Garrett Love

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Statewide Free/Low Cost Programs

(not sponsored by NCSSM) Pursue research, leadership, or intern opportunities in North Carolina (or national) that are low-cost, free, or are covered by scholarships. Most deadlines run January to April.

Public Sharing

Choose from a wide variety of events to communicate your work

Dr. Jonathan Bennett


Submissions due in January.

Dr. David Cantrell


Authors must contact Dr. David Cantrell for special permission.