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Dr. Jon Bennett

Jon Bennett has been at NCSSM since 1997. He has taught a range of physics courses from introductory to advanced, and developed a new course in Fluids/Thermodynamics, Waves/Sound/Optics, Quantum Mechanics; as well as Research in Physics. Jon has mentored over 100 research students in the Research in Physics, REX Physics, and Summer Research in Physical Science programs, a number of whom have presented their work in science competitions and at professional physics conferences. He developed and served as the co-principal investigator for a multi-year, grant-funded summer opportunity for numerous North Carolina students—the Research Experience in Chemistry, Astronomy, and Physics at NCSSM. Jon initiated and has served since 2011 as faculty advisor for NCSSM’s journal of student STEM research, Broad Street Scientific. He has also served in school leadership positions including Physics Chair, Faculty Senate Vice President, and strategic planning team member.