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Dr. Michael Bruno

A member of the chemistry faculty at NCSSM since 2013, Michael Bruno has taught a variety of courses including Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Research in Chemistry. He received his bachelor's degree in Physical Biochemistry from Dartmouth College and a doctorate degree in Biochemistry from Cornell University. He is passionate about teaching with a guided inquiry pedagogy, POGIL, and is serving on the POGIL Project Steering Committee from 2019-2021. He has been elected as a member and officer of the faculty senate, served on the calendar committee, the Graduate Visioning Committee, the Morganton Academic Programs Steering Committee and the Faculty Evaluation Committee. He has organized on-campus and off-campus workshops in guided inquiry learning. He has served as the Chair of Chemistry since 2015. His publications include PNAS, Biophysical Journal, Faraday Discussions, and a book chapter detailing the single-molecule kinetics methods he helped develop in graduate school.


Dr. Tim Anglin

Dr. Anglin has been a member of the NCSSM chemistry faculty for 7 years and is beginning his third year teaching Research in Chemistry. Dr. Anglin’s has research experience in a wide range of chemistry topics including biophysics, biosensors, as well as optical and electronic materials. Dr. Anglin enjoys working with students on their projects and getting to learn new, interesting topics through their work.