Mentorship Program

Class of 2023 applications are in process (Part 2 due Nov. 2)


Hands-On, Real-World Experience

The Mentorship 1, 2, and 3 programs provide the opportunity for a student to choose their area of interest and join an off-campus researcher and their team in an ongoing or independent research project to further their skills as a thinker/maker/doer. Mentorship 1, 2, and 3 offer different calendars and length of opportunity. The student's day-to-day mentor at the research site will likely be a member of the off-campus researcher’s team and the project will be determined by the mentor with varying levels of input from the student. Prior research experience is not a criteria for this opportunity; many students enter the program with no research experience, and most mentors do not require any prior technical background or coursework in their field of study.

PART 1 OPENED OCT. 11 | DEADLINE OCT. 18, 2021 (Now Closed)


Interest Meeting for Mentorship 2021-2022

Mentorship Opportunities

Academic Year


Includes Summer and Academic Year

Rising seniors travel to a mentor location each day for 5 weeks over the summer as part of the Summer Research & Innovation Program (SRIP). Open to both Residential and Online students.

Seniors travel to a mentor location on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for the Academic Year. This course counts as a core course. Residential students only.

In Extended Mentorship, students travel to a mentor location during SRIP in the summer as well as during the Academic Year. Residential students only.

Since 1980

Since 1980 the Mentorship program at NCSSM has given students the opportunity to conduct research in a myriad of different subjects ranging from physics to sociology to engineering to clinical research. Students have the opportunity to work under the guidance of a professional in their chosen field of interest at universities, companies, and non-profits in the Triangle.

A Thinker, A Maker, A Doer

One primary objective of the Mentorship program is to have each student act as a thinker, a maker, and a doer in experiences that stimulate their academic and personal growth. Students gain valuable skills to carry with them as they prepare for their future careers.

Past Student Projects

  • Creating Novel Sorbents for Water Purification

  • NCSSM Human-Interactive Chatbot

  • Exploring Low Density Lipoprotein receptor-related 1 (LRP1) Levels in the Brain After Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Perfectionistic tendencies as a result of parental pressure in Asian-American and Asian-International college students

  • Research on Mass Timber Construction

  • Guiding Eyes for the Blind Study Coordination

  • Determining Properties of Gas Structures Orbiting the Milky Way and M83 Using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

  • Sources of Lead in Durham County Surface Water

And many more!