Durham Student Opportunities

NCSSM offers students a wide variety of real world learning experiences to engage as a thinker/maker/doer across every discipline including opportunities in research, entrepreneurship, leadership, and much more.

Class of 2023 Junior Meeting Presentation for Research and Innovation

Residential Research & Innovation Presentation 2021-2022

Explore Your Interests!

Attend the 2021 Research & Innovation Fair held virtually!

Wednesday, September 22 at 4:00-5:00PM

Connect with the Research and Innovation Instructors, talk to students, and learn more about the features, timelines, and/or applications of each program!

Apply or Enroll!

Dr. Kim Monahan & Dr. Heather Mallory

Due: OCT. 6

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Dr. Michael Bruno & Dr. Tim Anglin

Due: OCT. 6

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Dr. David Cantrell

No application,

REX Humanities pre-requisite

Dr. Tamar Avineri

No application

Register for this January Term Oct. 1-8!

Dr. Jonathan Bennett

Due: OCT. 6

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Dr. Hubbard and

Dr. Fuchs


Part 1: OCT. 18

Part 2: Nov. 2

Application opens Oct. 11

Summer opportunities will be announced on Mon. Nov. 29 4-5PM via Zoom webinar

Click here to learn more about RScience Programs through the Science website

Research programs offer residential students the opportunity to conduct in-depth research in a single discipline, under the guidance of an NCSSM faculty member. The Entrepreneurship program provides the necessary background material and a structured opportunity for students with ideas for products or services to bring their ideas from conception to market through the real-life activity of entrepreneurship.

The Mentorship 1, 2, and 3 programs provide the opportunity for a student to choose their area of interest and join an off-campus researcher and their team in an ongoing or independent project. Mentorship 1, 2, and 3 offer different calendars and length of opportunity.

Work with NCSSM faculty on-campus or with volunteer mentors off-campus for full days over 1-5 weeks of the summer while living at NCSSM at no cost. Students can expect to engage in independent or ongoing projects that develop both personal and professional skills that will have a long lasting impact on their paths to become leaders and engaged citizens.

During the school year, students can register for many shorter opportunities to gain research experience.

Research & Innovation Fair

The required junior meeting is followed by the Research & Innovation Fair (optional). Both events serve to introduce juniors to the various research and innovation opportunities available as a residential junior. In particular, juniors attending the Research & Innovation Fair can ask participants and instructors of the various programs/courses/etc. to learn more about what it is like to engage as a thinker, maker, doer and how to get involved in the available opportunities.

Public Sharing

Choose from a wide variety of events to communicate your work

Dr. Jonathan Bennett


Submissions due in January.

Dr. David Cantrell


Authors must complete RHum I & II.