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Temporary Employment Opportunities

(NOW OPEN) Teaching Assistant for Mentorship Program (3 positions-open until filled)

Reports to Director of Mentorship and Research

The Mentorship Program Teaching Assistant (TA) will serve as the research coach for 10-15 high school students under the guidance of the Director and Lead Instructor of Mentorship and Research. The TA will work to develop and assess the professional and communication skills of high school rising senior students participating in a research experience with an off-campus mentor. A primary responsibility of the Teaching Assistant will be to facilitate successful experiences for the students and the program by working with the students to gain an understanding of their research project and interactions with their mentor.

The Mentorship Program at NC School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) is a 40+ year tradition and is recognized for its unique mix of over 100 volunteer mentors that provide research opportunities for students while NCSSM instructors provide the instruction necessary for high school students to approach research with confidence, professionalism, and self-reliance. The local research scholars and professionals serve as students’ research mentors in various areas of specialization (including STEM, Social Sciences, Arts, Humanities), while the NCSSM instructor serves as a facilitator/coach focused on guiding and assessing students’ development of critical thinking as a proactive participant in research and development of personal success skills to accomplish goals, collaborate, and navigate unfamiliar situations in professional environments. Examples of student assignments include: resumes/cover letters, research proposal, oral presentation targeted to a broad audience.

The Mentorship students will engage in research with a research or professional mentor from a university or other organization/business/industry throughout the academic year Tuesday/Thursday afternoons and in the summer every Monday-Friday. Since Mentorship students work with a professional research mentor, the TA will not engage or assist in any of their research but rather facilitate the success of the student in their research experience through small group and individual meetings as well as grading of assignments with extensive feedback.

Teaching Assistants will provide 2 hours of office hours per week and will attend 1-2 weekly instructor meetings during a regularly scheduled daytime hour. In addition, individual meetings with students and subgroup meetings with a small group of students at a time will be organized weekly or biweekly by the Teaching Assistant. Additional responsibilities include grading and providing feedback for student assignments, connecting to students to support and encourage, and assisting the Mentorship and Research team as needed. Teaching Assistants may work virtually as much as needed with a preference for a portion of the student/team interaction to be in person (though not required).

This position starts as early as Oct. 7, 2022 and ends July 30, 2023 for 12-20 hours/week with the option to continue into 2023-2024 academic year. The hours of work throughout the program are fairly flexible and could partially be in the evening with the exception of the weekly instructor meetings with a preference for availability during some portion of the students’ daytime hours.

Instructors will have the opportunity to contribute to the curriculum and to assist with other functions of the program. The Director and Lead Instructor of Mentorship and Research will provide the TA guidance and training and meet with the TA frequently to be updated on student progress.

To apply, complete the following Google Form Application by Oct. 3, 2022 (open until filled). Please note that submission requires a link to your resume and cover email. If you have questions about this position, please contact the Director of Mentorship and Research (Sarah Shoemaker,

Minimum qualifications:

  • Strong interest in teaching at the high school or college level

  • Previous research experience in areas of STEM, Social Sciences, Arts, or Humanities

  • Current and valid driver’s license

  • Ability to work independently

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

Preferred qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree and at least two years of graduate school or full-time employment

  • Graduate degree in areas of STEM, Social Sciences, Arts, or Humanities

  • Mentoring and/or teaching experience

  • Experience working with high school students or undergraduates

Pay rate and time requirements:

  • $21.88 per hour

Permanent Employment Opportunities

No open positions at this time.

Mission of the Mentorship and Research Team at NCSSM

  • BUILD COMMUNITY that advances diversity, equity, and inclusion in research and innovation

  • CULTIVATE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT of thinkers/makers/doers to identify as leaders and engaged citizens.

  • FACILITATE SAFETY AND EFFICIENT SYSTEMS to ensure long term success for our community and beyond


North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) challenges academically talented students from across the state with a comprehensive curriculum including highly specialized courses in science, technology, engineering/computer science, and mathematics. NCSSM opened in 1980 as something of an academic experiment: Would something excellent happen if we gathered together a highly motivated and diverse student body with a critical mass of equally motivated, accomplished, credentialed, and diverse faculty within a space dedicated to the power of the scientific method? Nearly four decades later, NCSSM has built a firmly rooted reputation as an academic powerhouse, educating intellectually gifted students from every corner of the state, representing rural and urban communities, and all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. Eleven states and several countries worldwide have since used NCSSM as the model for their own programs.

Today, as in 1980, the mission of NCSSM, an intellectually stimulating, diverse, inclusive, and collaborative community, is to:

  • educate and nurture academically talented students to become state, national, and global leaders,

  • increase access to high quality public education in North Carolina, and

  • cultivate engaged citizens who will work for the betterment of the world, through challenging programs, with an emphasis on STEM, driven by the pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Altogether, nearly 1,500 North Carolina students from all 13 congressional districts and nearly all 100 counties are enrolled in one of our three signature programs: our residential diploma program, our online certificate program or our interactive video conferencing (IVC) program. Our open enrollment courses expand local offerings to include enrichments and advanced coursework otherwise unavailable in students’ home communities. NCSSM instructors teach live to classrooms statewide daily, broadcasting more synchronous video than any other public provider in the state.

By 2022, NCSSM will expand to an additional campus in Morganton, NC. Funded primarily by the Connect NC Bond, the campus will initially accommodate 300 additional residential diploma program students as well as increased distance education enrollment.

NCSSM has more than 10,000 graduates, nearly all of whom attended colleges and universities (a great majority within our own top NC public universities) and nearly half of whom have earned a graduate degree. Between 2000-2014, the latest period for which statistics are available, 68 percent of NCSSM graduates earned undergraduate degrees in a STEM field -- approximately 3 times the national average for the general population. During that same period, 61.1 percent of NCSSM’s underrepresented (URM) graduates earned an undergraduate degree in a STEM field -- more than 5 times the national average for URM populations. A 2009 economic impact study found that about 60% of our alumni continue to live and work in North Carolina, adding more than $500 million annually to the state’s economy. Many of our graduates, the oldest of whom are in their mid-50s, refer to their time at NCSSM as “life-changing” and continue to support their alma mater with charitable gifts, volunteerism, and other purposeful engagement.

Our school functions as a full constituent of the University of North Carolina System and is governed and supported by the UNC Board of Governors, NCSSM Board of Trustees, NCSSM Foundation, NCSSM Alumni Association, NCSSM Parent Association, NCSSM Faculty Senate, NCSSM Staff Council, and NCSSM Student Government Association. Notably, a representative from each of our Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and Student Government Association serve as ex-officio, non-voting members of our Board of Trustees.

Though a UNC constituent, NCSSM operates as a free public school open to qualified NC students, regardless of financial means. We generate nearly 10 percent of our institutional budget from private sources, a ratio that will likely increase during our next comprehensive fundraising campaign.

Consistent with our founding and governance, the institution is guided by a standing strategic plan. Though goals may shift from time to time, our core beliefs have remained fundamentally unchanged since our establishment:

  • Our greatest resource is the capability and creative capacity of the human mind.

  • Everyone is unique and has intrinsic value.

  • Diversity and inclusion enrich and strengthen lives and communities.

  • Embracing challenge inspires growth and the pursuit of excellence.

  • Individuals are responsible for their choices and actions.

  • With opportunity, support, and effort all people can realize their full potential.

  • A nurturing community develops the well-being of the whole person.

  • Service to others builds and strengthens our community.

  • Environmental stewardship and resource sustainability are a shared responsibility.

  • A passion for learning throughout life leads to success and fulfillment.

  • Collaboration fosters learning, ignites innovation, and cultivates community.

  • Adhering to high ethical standards is essential for a community to function and flourish.

  • Access to high quality public education is essential to a free, democratic society.

We invite and welcome all applications for employment within our institution. NCSSM is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, genetic information, status as an individual with a disability, or status as a protected veteran. If you are an individual with disabilities requiring accommodations in the application and interview process, please contact us at (919) 416-2635.

NCSSM is an EEO/eVerify/VEVRAA Employer.