Mentorship 3

PART 1 OPENED OCT. 11 | DEADLINE OCT. 18 (Now closed)



The Mentorship 3 Program is offered to residential students. It is a combination of Mentorship 1 and Mentorship 2. The program begins during the 5 weeks in the summer where students stay on campus and spend the majority of their days on site. During the school year, students will follow the Mentorship 2 schedule and travel to their research site twice a week. The Mentorship 3 program also counts as credit for one of the five core classes each student is required to take during the academic year. As the program begins in the summer, Mentorship 3 is part of SRIP; participating in Mentorship 3 excludes students from participating in other SRIP opportunities offered by NCSSM.

Learning and Doing

Mentorship 3 students are matched with an off-campus researcher who has committed to mentor the student in either an ongoing or independent project. Conducting research during the summer allows for long periods of focused research. Many students form bonds with those in their research environments as well as their fellow students.

During SRIP, Mentorship 3 students students can interact from other SRIP programs when not off-campus for research. Participating in Mentorship 3 also allows many students the opportunity present their research not just at the Summer Research Symposium but other research conferences during the school year, such as the State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium held in the fall and a host of opportunities held in the spring.

As with all Mentorship programs, no prior research experience is required and many enter the program with no experience. Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply and further explore their interests through Mentorship. Students complete a preparatory Foundations in Mentorship course in the spring semester. In the summer, students live at NCSSM and are transported to opportunities at universities and businesses in the Triangle, and they continue their research into the first and second semester of their senior year.

Communicating your Research

Mentorship 3 students are expected to present their findings and demonstrate their skill development at both the Summer Research& Innovation Symposium (part of the Summer Research & Innovation Program) and the Spring Research Symposium at the end of the academic year as well as at least one additional competition/conference throughout their senior year. At the Summer Research Symposium, Mentorship 3 students present alongside other SRIP participants. At the Spring Research Symposium, participants of all of NCSSM's research programs are invited to present.