Mentorship 2

PART 1 OPENED OCT. 11 | DEADLINE OCT. 18 (Now closed)



The Mentorship 2 Program is offered to residential students during the school year. As part of Mentorship 2, students will travel to their research location twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday), during afternoon blocks and flexible use time during the first and second semester their senior year. Students will typically remain on site from 1-4:00. The program counts as one of the student's five core classes.

Greater Opportunities

Mentorship 2 students are matched with an off-campus researcher who has committed to mentor the student in either an ongoing or independent project. Conducting research during the school year can allow for longer-term projects to take place but has fewer hours of time on campus per week. Also, students may be able to participate in SRIP programs as well as Mentorship 2, though NCSSM's mission to serve as many students as possible may decrease the chances of students accepted to other summer programs if already accepted to and commited to Mentorship 2.

As with all the Mentorship programs, prior research experience is not a criteria in selection and many students enter Mentorship with no prior experience. Students from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply and further explore their interests through Mentorship. All students complete a preparatory Foundations in Mentorship course in the spring semester (an elective course which meets only one day per week).

Spring Research Symposium

Near the end of the academic year, Mentorship students are required to present their research to their peers, attending families and mentors at the Spring Research Symposium. The Spring Research Symposium includes oral presentations and a poster session. Participants of all NCSSM research programs are invited to present at the Spring Research Symposium.